Types of Tablet PC available in the market

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Tablet PC refers to a mobile device with a touch screen or stylus pen as input device. Tablet is designed to be portable, but have not yet replaced laptops as leaders of mobile computing. These devices come is various forms and sizes, but can be mainly classified as follows


Tablet PCs also come in form of booklets. These devices have a flat surface and a cover which open like a book. The flat surface normally contains a touch pad and used for reading and writing. To multi-touch feature or a stylus is used for writing on the screen of to booklet type tablet PC.


Tablet PCs which lack any keyboard facilities come in the category of Slate type computing devices. These devices have a touch screen to provide input or have an interface through USB or Bluetooth to connect an external keyboard.

The following are examples of Tablets currently available in the market

HP Compaq TC4200:

The HP Compaq TC4200 is a powerful tablet with two types of mechanism namely keyboard and stylus handwriting input. Hence input can be provided through a traditional keyboard and from a stylus which can be used to write on the screen and the handwriting software converts the handwritten text to printed form. The TC4200 is very stylish and very successful in a professional environment due to its enhanced security and reliability.

Asus Eee PC T91MT:

It is one of the best tablet computers from Asus. The design is solid and reasonably attractive. One of the big selling factors of this device is the small form factor and the easy to use tablet option. It is very portable and as convenient to use as touch screen phones. It can operate in tablet mode without going back to the keyboard, thanks to the virtual keyboard in windows 7.

Mini Tablet PC can have both touch screen interface and keyboard for data input. The device functions as a normal mini laptop and its screen can be detached to function as a stand alone slate type device.

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