Intel is going to enter the Tablet PC market

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Intel enters the computer market of Tablet , that is the expectation of the people, because Intel has run successfully in the market of the netbook. If the tablet PC will replace the computer notebook is a question, but the input is essential. From the module current point of view, replacing the laptop is now realistic.

Customers are concerned about the influence adopted by the Intel after entering market more. It will bring the new era to the people? Currently, the Intel is behind the opponents to pay much attention to the energy consumption of low-cost processor and low. The path of oak will debut in the coming year, which has improved the efficiency and maintain their own characteristics. The display panel is the component that has the highest energy consumption and this new chip is able to use for twelve hours without charge, so it is competitive.

Innovation and technology change is always the focus of the market. When Intel is making progress, other companies not any drop behind. This situation makes more anticipation. In reality, Apple launched the iPad in the month of January, and sales increased much. With the entry of other companies, Intel also gains market share. It is based on that the sending of tablet PC will grow twice, while the laptop will only increase 13 percent next year.

Furniture chip market is monopolized by the British, such as the Nvidia and arm companies. It is well known that the chip of the arm is widely used in cell phones, and some have entered into the tablet PC market. Nvidia chips has been used is the tablet PC, so is competition from Intel. A series of tablet PC will be released by Intel in the months following. They will use another operating system, such as Windows, Android and Meego. The related integrated circuit is YM3812.

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