LG Optimus Pad and Motorola Xoom - the 2011 power tablets

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In January 2010, we were amazed with the new device all called the Apple iPad. The purely touch screen Tablet PC offered possibilities that we never thought possible. Since then, everyone wanted one. For this reason, several manufacturers followed suit. Samsung created the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell has created the Dell streak. As demand grew, so did the need for more applications. This means that people needed more powerful Tablet PCs. due to this, there was that a demand for more powerful Tablet PCs. Blackberry meets this demand through the creation of the dual-core Blackberry Guide. This 2011, there are two more Tablet PCs that come with the same power. These are the Motorola Xoom and LG Optimus Pad.

When it comes to power, these devices have what it takes to meet your needs. Both come with the more powerful processors ever to equip on tablet PC. Both come with dual-core 1 GHz processors. With all this energy, they were allowed to do more. This allowed him to run at the same time complicated tasks. At the same time, it could run videos, music, a call of video, games and tools. Regardless of how many applications and OS applications executed, you never feel a decrease in performance. The tasks were distributed between the two nuclei of processor instead of only core driving all the stress. Two nuclei will always be better than one.

Not only do the Tablets come with more powerful processors ever to be used in Tablet PCs; They also came with the most advanced operating system Android only has to offer. Both ran in the OS of the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Not only is the latest android operating system; It is also specially designed for Tablet PCs. There are so many advantages of this operating system. They offer web loyalty like no other, which provides easy access to millions of Web sites based on Flash and HTML 5. They offer speed and stability. Finally, they provide power without using much battery. This means that you are sure to enjoy powerful features hours devices increasingly.

East 2011 is sure to enjoy blinding speed, energy efficiency and reliable stability in two powerful s Tablet PC. They are optimized for heavy multitasking games, intense, very fast and high-quality multimedia web browsing. With the Motorola Xoom and LG Optimus Pad, you will get the new generation of Tablet PCs.

The Motorola Xoom and LG Optimus Pad will be available in stores by 2011.

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