All about the new kid in the Tablet PC market: Amazon Kindle fire

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The new Amazon tablet called Kindle Fire has been launched by Amazon at the end of September 2011. Amazon already sold over 90,000 devices on the first day.

In this article we are going to give you the most important details about this new gadget, that really looks like it will stir up the tablet market.

The Fire is a tablet e-reader with internet and email capability. It is expected that it will be very popular because it has features that are not available on any other mobile device.

The major new feature that will appear on the Kindle Fire is the new web browser, Amazon Silk. Amazon Silk is much faster than browsers which are normally available on mobile devices. It is even faster than many desktop browsers. The secret of its speed consists of to split-architecture browser, which means the work of loading web pages is split between processes run on the browser itself and processes run remotely by Amazon's servers.

To speed up web browsing even more, the Amazon servers see the viewing patterns of the Kindle Fire users. They use this information to predict what page a user will request next, and pre - load that page before the user even requests it.

The new Kindle also has a very fast dual - core processor which can perform more than one task at at time, so you can download videos while reading an e-book. It weighs less than one pound, so it is easy to carry anywhere.

The size of the brilliant color touch screen is 7 "on the diagonal. The new Amazon tablet has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can connect to the internet from any Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Kindle was originally developed by Amazon as an e-reader, a device on which you can view electronic media. Electronic media such as e-books, videos, newspapers, magazines, and music can be purchased online from and downloaded almost Gori to the Kindle.

It is ideal for people who want to access this type of media without having to purchase the hard copy. The digital media is also often less expensive than the current books, videos, magazines, and newspapers.

Kindle Fire owners also have access to many games and apps developed exclusively for this device.

Reports say, that Amazon will actually lose $10 on each of the Fire devices they sell, but they are taking this risk in hopes of promoting their digital content.

Because of the new features the Kindle Fire offers such as Amazon Silk, it is expected that the Kindle Fire will be a rival for the Apple iPad and other tablet computers. It weighs only two-thirds of an Apple iPad weight, and at US$ 199, it is less than one-third of the price of the cheapest Apple iPad.

The Kindle Fire has all the features of the original Kindle, plus many new features and a color touch screen. It features an inbound only @kindle email address which Latino email from pre-approved addresses. This feature allows you to send documents to your Kindle from a Computer.

Another new feature that the new Amazon tablet offers, is to brilliant color display with more PPI (pixel per inch) than the iPad. The Fire tablet has one USB port and a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack. It is powered by a heavily customized version of the Google Android operating system. It is actually so much customized, that you won't even notice any similarity.

Looking at the Kindle Fire and it's features, you will notice that it can do most things the Apple iPad can do too, but the Kindle Fire costs less than half, what the cheapest iPad costs. Watch to hands-on video of the Kindle Fire in the following Kindle Fire Review or browse through a selection of the Top 5 Kindle Fire Accessories.

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