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Although the recent commercial Lamisil with Digger, a disgusting cartoon fungus, is still fresh in our minds (who could forget the images of an is retracted and colorful germs being dragged in?) is a good time to look at the side effects of this seemingly harmless medicine. Despite the advertising campaign of disturbing, who would have guessed that an antifungal tablet may have many negative side effects?

The medication comes in the form of cream and Tablet and used to fight the fungus in the nail, foot of athlete, Jock itch and ringworm. You can also use to treat the Tinea veriscolor, an infection that causes brown spots, cinnamon or white color on the torso of a person. Lamisil tablets does not work immediately, and not the entire result can be seen for months. Perhaps this period is necessarily long exposure that contributes to the worst of the side effects of Lamisil. Cannot be accurate resulting of Lamisil side effects because the possibilities are diverse. Tell a doctor of any suspected side effects as soon as possible.

Lamisil tablets have been found to cause diarrhea, indigestion, abdominal pain, skin rash, gas, urticaria, itching, nausea, taste alterations, problems of vision, fatigue, smoke, hair loss, joint pain, liver problems, headaches and vomiting. Vision problems caused by Lamisil tablets have been diagnosed as serious changes and possible damage to the retina of the eye. Lamisil tablets can cause rare liver disease, possibly fatal, and on rare occasions, caused serious skin reactions. Stop using Lamisil immediately if you develop a skin rash and call your doctor immediately, since these can also be fatal. Lamisil has not been tested safely in children, or be used by pregnant women or who breastfeeds her power.

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