What is the best Tablet under $400?

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Since the launch of the original iPad a couple of years the market has been flooded with new and improved tablets. all the competition can be confusing and you might be wondering, "what new Tablet should I buy?", while accessible. I think the best new tablet that remains under $400 is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

The tab 2 was originally released on April 22 (7 inch version) and may 13 (version 10.1 inches) and since then has been a hotly debated topic.

First, here is a quick race to the bottom on the tab 2 specifications:
Runs on Android 4.0 OS
10.1 inch screen inches
16 GB hard drive. Expansion up to 32 GB with microSD
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0
Dual-core 1 GHz processor

Enough with the technical material. What you want to know is what can do the 2 tab. Of course you can see or hear your favorite movies, TV shows and music on the Tablet. A cool thing you can do is to use the device as a remote control for your entertainment system in the home. This means that you can use to control your TV, player, blu-ray, DVR, etc.. One of my favorite features is how you can use Samsung content service, called AllShare, to send files from your tablet to your sharing TV.

Now that the Galaxy Tab 2 runs on the Android operating system that will have access to thousands of applications from the store. One of the applications pre-loaded on the device is the Samsung Media Center. This application will be granted access to new movies and TV at your fingertips. The service works similarly to Netflix or Video instant of the Amazon. When new shows or movies you can buy them at your Tablet PC, and then play the file more afternoon your TV, tabletor smartphone.

If you're worried about have only up to 32 GB of storage space on the 2 tab, you can be comforted knowing that you will receive a free subscription 1 year to Dropbox to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Dropbox is a file hosting online, so it can store up to 50 GB of files online and access them anywhere.

All these features make for a great new Tablet buy and all for less than $400. Screen 10.1 inches to $399. You can buy the tab 2 in a 7-inch screen for $249. The 7-inch version has many of the same features as the version 10.1 inches. You, however, will be limited to 8 GB of space on initial hard disk in the version of 7 inches. Oh and of course only get a 7-inch screen. I would say go for the 10.1 inch tab 2 If you plan to play games and watch movies. And really, it isn't that where most of the fun comes to have a tablet?

I hope you enjoyed this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 review!

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