Android Tablet price - Dell Streak Tablet price and review

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Dell Streak Tablet price: $549.

The Dell streak has finally arrived in the real world, after months of questions and a several false starts. Commercially is the first Android tablet from a great manufacturer of desktop, but it really is much more similar to a Smartphone Android to a contest for the Apple iPad. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the streak and whether or not TechRepublic might recommend it to or not.
Solid hardware - the streak is thin, as well as the light, but also seems significant adequate to make an impression. There is absolutely nothing cheap or perhaps weak on this. Placing it in both hands and flip through menus and Web sites, write e-mail messages, read documents and movies all feel surprisingly natural. In terms of processor, screen, memory, camera and other hardware specifications, the streak meets the minimum requirements which was expected, however not exceed anything again through senior Google android smartphones available on the market.
Extended on screen keyboard - the smarter Google android IU supplement that Dell has built for the streak is the personalized on-screen keyboard that has spread from the common 30-35 to 49 keys to key in a (horizontal) design that also includes a numeric keypad and use the advantage of the extra space offered by the 5-inch screen. It is not so specific as the HTC EVO on-screen keyboard (who only used their extra space for larger keys) Although the keypad in the streak is extremely useful and makes this a solid data input system.
Android ecosystem — the reason people have been waiting for an Android Tablet PC to take on the iPad is because the Android ecosystem is everything that is not the ecosystem of Apple - open, to measure, in addition to free who liked to experiment. It's too bad that the streak is supplied with an obsolete version of the operating system.
Inconsistent performance - a device to perform a 1 GHz Snapdragon, her feels sometimes run slow. It is not that it is regularly slow. Some tasks are quick and faster than the HTC EVO or Nexus One, but then navigating some menus and some applications from will take much more time in the burden which they should and more than other similar Android devices.
Overpriced-$ 300 (with a 2-year wireless contract), the streak is $100 higher price than devices like the EVO, Droid X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S is however exclusively advantage over those devices is a bigger screen. When you factor in that is less portable than any of those devices, running an older operating system and do not have access to many of the latest applications, it is difficult to make a case for the streak.

Bottom line:

Dell Streak Tablet has an outdated operating system, an expensive price tag and is run in an efficient processor but is slow. If you want to choose the Dell streak and a smart phone our advice is that they prefer a Smartphone during the streak.

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