Social networks need to be careful not to overwhelm processing speeds for Tablet PC

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It seems that all the social networking sites are very busy, modify the format and images in your pages. It is nice to have all these features, but they are running into problems with the processing power and speed of tablet PC. It is incredible how slow tablet PC works in some of these media sites these days, it is also happening on many social networking sites, fastest growing especially small data centers or all the cached information. Do okay so let's talk a little about this going?

Today, with all smart phones and tablet PC is going to be a real challenge in the future. The next generation of these personal tech will be cheaper to buy devices but without the robust processing Let's say Apple's iPador Apple iPhone. Many of the sites that will have access people also not be optimised for these devices, and the advertisers will demand more software to collect data. All that extra code can slow down things. This makes for a poor user experience.

Remember, not only is the capacity of your computer, tabletor device of technical staff in question, but there are also problems of bandwidth of 3 G, 4 G networks and use public Wi-Fi. If everyone is using these systems for communication, and that together with its slow processing power, not the most recent round of the evolution of these technologies will enjoy. This is very bad for all the new app manufacturers, as well as all the shiny new productivity tools designed to help people. In essence they are doing the opposite of what is intended.

Not long ago, I was in a new social networking site, which was so slow it was literally unusable. The problem with the Web site, was the problem with my Wi-Fi or there was a problem with my tablet PC processing speed? It is hard to say, perhaps it was a combination of all those things, but left a bad taste in the mouth and it has caused me I do not want to use this social networking site, or any of the tools offered, many of them productivity tools with huge pledges to help me do everything I do best.

It is good to see Apple Computer, Intel, Microsoft, Google and others are working on all these issues in their devices and systems, and use your cloud centers data to exploit information to personal technology device or the tablet faster. Even so, if users are not happy with the progress and the performance of all these applications and tools, as well as social networks you will migrate away from them.

Remember that in the era of the Internet of today no one has any patience at all, as they want to now, they want quick and although some are willing to pay more demand everything for free. In fact I hope to please consider all this and think about him.

Lance Winslow has launched a new series of eBooks on the Internet concepts of the futureprovocation. Lance Winslow is a former founder of a chain of franchises nationwide and now head of the Think Tank Online; http://www.worldthinktank.NET

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