What is an Android Tablet?

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What can I use an Android Tablet For?

2012 is shaped to be the year of the Tablet Computer, Amazon has 12,946 item in their tablet store and currently iPad and Android Tablet sales are out ranking almost all other gadget sales for the time being. Those of you who haven't purchased an Android Tablet yet must certainly be itching to get your fingers on one, before purchasing though, maybe ask yourself, what is an Android Tablet used for?

Well, the answer to that question is up to you, but before jumping straight on the bandwagon you should ask yourself if you are a casual user or a power user, here's a quick breakdown;

A Power User: Creates lost of content, relys on multiple windows open at once and generally thrives off the high computing power of a desktop or laptop computer.
A Casual User: Browses the internet, plays light games, generally only has one window open at once and doesn't rely on the latest computers entirely.

If you consider yourself a Casual User then a tablet computer will be great for you. You'll notice very little performance difference when browsing the internet and the new tools a tablet opens you up to will end up coming in very useful.

What is an Android Tablet used for? - Gaming

When many ask what is an Android Tablet used for? A great deal of people will respond 'Gaming'. Gaming on the move has been around since 1988 and the release of the Game Boy, so now you can play full 3d, amazing games on the same device you can send and receive email and browse the internet on. Perfect for commuting or just relaxing in the living room, gaming on an Android Tablet will ensure the device is with us for a long time.

What is an Android Tablet Used For? - Social Networking

Facebook has 845 million users, you probably have a Facebook account, apparently half of internet users do. An Android Tablet is the perfect companion to social networking. All the major networks have an app that you can download through the Android App Store (known as the Google Play Store.) In 2012 most Tablet Computers have a built in camera so you can take photographs and record video, then upoad them directly to your favourite social networking site, straight through the app.

What is an Android Tablet Used For? - Office Work & Personal Assistant

Most of us rely on personal assistant applications in one way or another nowadays. You calendar on your computer, email alerts, the list goes on. Now imagine you can carry all of the digital assistants you use in one place with you at all times. This is what makes a Tablet Computer so useful. The small size, large storage and relatively good computing power means you can keep up with your email, appointments, accounts and even create and edit word documents.

Internet Browsing & eBook Reading

This is the big one, browsing the internet on your sofa, reading 1000's of books on the train or on the bus, all from one small, light device. No more hunching over a Laptop, no more being tied to a desk. Freedom is the name of the game, and a Tablet Computer allows this. Almost all tablets connect to the internet via WiFi, but come allow even 3G and 4G connections so you can browse anywhere in the country. If you need to be connected to the internet at all times, so you can answer emails or get on your Facebook account, a Tablet is what you need.

In Summary

In the end it's only you who can decide what you'll use your Tablet for, and with 50,000+ apps to choose from you can guarantee you can use a tablet for pretty much anything you wish. Just be careful not to invest in a Tablet if you need a lot of heavy computing power, they're not build for running Diablo III, yet. For internet browsing, eBook Reading, Angry Birds, Office software & email a Android Tablet will see you right and should last you a good while if you invest in a decent one.


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