Product review: Android MID 7 "Tablet PC (a clone iPad)"

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Apple iPad was surrounded with so much hype prior to its release. By the time hit the store shelves, much people went mad and they bought a new one. However, know us little that somewhere on the other side of the world, a different version of (almost) the same device was in the works.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, the Android MID Tablet PC 7 "is not an imitation of iPad ." On the other hand, it is similar in principle to the Galaxy Samsung, being both tablet PC that runs on the Android platform. In this article, we must review the product and see how good (or bad) is compared with the industry leader in iPad.

Battery life

Now, the iPad has more than eight hours of use without recharging, while MID Android 7 "lasts less than four." In addition, there have been reports that many drives have problems with loading, as batteries tend to be defective. Therefore, make sure that they are buying a seller of confidence in order to avoid that a mobile device that is far from being mobile.

Keyboard on screen sensitivity

One thing I realized account immediately is the keyboard screen is not as sensitive as I wanted it to be. It takes almost half a second for a character that appears on the screen, resulting in less than 2 minutes to write a single tweet. I guess I can not expect much from a $ 100 device, but I can not stop wanting more.


Unlike the iPad, it does not have a SIM card slot. While many scorn the iPadthey are dubious about the size of the SIM card, it does not have any capacity SIM. This becomes a problem or users like me who use broadband Internet based on SIM.

Cover and external keyboard

MID Android 7 Tablet PC has optional accessories, so I decided to get an external keyboard that is installed on a Briefcase." One thing I've noticed is that the external keyboard is a USB connector, while that the tablet PC is not. Because of this, will still need to use an adapter (comes with the default package) to run the keyboard.

Now, the bag is really a misnomer. Why? Because the clamps to keep the device are spaced too far. Because of this, the Tablet PC can fall out of the suitcase at any given time, that overcomes the purpose of the accessory first.

What is good thing?

The price

To less than 100 USD, purchase MID Android 7 Tablet PC must be painless to the majority of the people." It can serve as a good training for the novice Android OS. Why? Because given its price, even if it breaks, it does not seem so bad.

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