Nokia N810 portable Internet Tablet - a quick review

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The Nokia N810 portable Internet tablet is regarded as a personal organizer of ultra-portable internet device. Account with numerous modern features like an internal memory card micro SD as extensions of memory, a built-in GPS receiver, a touch screen and 2 GB with mini SD widescreen 4.1 inches and full QWERTY keyboard and a Web 2.0 internet experience can make use of Google talk, Skype, Gizmo, and Mozilla web browser.

The Nokia N810 portable Internet tablet can be described as an improvement from the N800. However, it has retained its easy to use features. This phone telecommunications and multimedia functions are some of the best in the mobile industry. It comes with a rear light and an initial front webcam. It also supports e-mail and instant messaging connectivity. The N810 has a huge 4.1 "touch the screen with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels that moves up to 65 k colors."

If you don't want to use the keyboard on the screen, you can slide the physical QWERTY keyboard from the bottom. This location allows you to access the keyboard easily and quickly. The portable Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is also mini computer with 128 MB of RAM. Wi-Fi (802. 11b / g), is the main form of connectivity in the Nokia N810. One of my favorite features of this phone is has a small metal edge that you can use to tilt the Tablet at an angle on the table. This allows you to view videos (teleconference) and view other files without holding the phone.

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