Archos 101 Internet Tablet Leather Cases - Know More

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A bag of skin archos 101 internet Tablet PC is designed for various reasons and for different purposes depending on personal needs. There are several factors that determine the right one to buy that they should be considered before buying to make sure that you get first one better for its Surfpad. For that reason, there are many types of these cases found in the market since that a person can settle for one better adapted to meet specific needs. In this article, therefore, see some of the main types of archos 101 internet tablet Briefcase of skin, their unique and special characteristics, as well as the way in which are sold in the market for the sake of those who have no idea.

Type of book

This archos 101 internet tablet Briefcase has a function of magnetic closure that ensures that it is able to close freely on their own. This makes it easier to use by anyone and finished white stitch is also the beautiful and attractive to the eyes. It boasts viewing angles that are well adjustable achieving an alternative position to place the Surfpad and is the most expensive with a price of $100.

Type of business

As the type of leather Briefcase book, has a magnet for easy closure and stitch white finished it makes it look attractive. However, the type of business comes with exclusive designs and colors, offering a wide variety of options to choose the best of their personal preference and taste. Its price ranges around $95.

Horizontal bag type

Its main characteristic are the decorations that make the stand case from the rest, in addition to having a finished white stitch to improve its appearance. As its name suggests, it is designed for use with only to horizontal Tablets has a zipper closure and is sold for $89.

Type of vertical bag

This case is made with a vertical design and opens from a different side end. Don't have a zipper but an open ending that makes it easy to remove and put a Surfpad in it. This cover is made with a strong material so its durability is beyond doubt from anyone and is sold in $89 cheaper making it along with the horizontal text.

All said and done, these types of archos 101 internet tablet leather covers come with several important accessories that may not work effectively without. Key among them is the protector of ultra clear screen that has an incredible clarity of 99% of transparency allowing to see through without much problems. It is also easy to use and provides a strong protection for the Tablet. It is also the portfolio of card used to put memory cards, as well as business, Bank and credit cards, while a holder is specifically designed to adapt to the passports, driving licenses and other belongings of small sizes especially in movement. With that, there is no sufficient reason why any of these covers of archos 101 internet tablet leather will disappoint you.

Pdair is offering its best quality Archos 101 Internet Tablet Accessories for your precious Archos 101 Internet Tablet avoid what is bad with rough use. Pdair leather case Archos Internet Tablet is made of high quality material that also comes in many colors that you can choose.

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