Hybrid Tablet Netbook computers - these are the next big thing?

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At CES, there are always quite a few gadgets and equipment announced to the world. Normally there is much to a wide variety of new ideas are eclipsed by others. There were quite a few Tablets announced at CES more than is now overshadowed by discussions about Apple iPad. A single device that is being developed by some companies is the hybrid tablet and netbook.

Many are divided on whether will be better a Tablet or netbook. A netbook offers the user an experience of normal laptop type, while a Tablet feels more like a large phone, PDA or ebook device. There are some who can do both things developing.

With the screen attached to the computer, it works as a normal netbook. The side of keyboard has a CPU with Windows installed in the system and own drums. Once the screen separates the device, becomes in a near-instantaneous Android Tablet PC. The screen has its own CPU and battery to run the Android operating system and is controlled through a touch screen.

This could be the type of device that can be a complete experience of work in while also picking up the screen casually surf the web, view movies or other tasks.

Many of these are going to cost about $1000 means that some might choose to obtain a separate tablet and netbook instead of having them combined it will be about the same price.

Regardless if the devices of first generation fire, is a good move to give users the traditional sense also taking a Tablet of experience into a single device.

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