New iPad Tablet 64 GB 3 G revised

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The beauty of Apple's new iPad Tablet 3G 64GB model is its sheer ease of use. Anyone familiar with the iPhone 4 iOS will breeze through without needing to read a word of operating instructions. That's because the touch screen is extremely responsive and the iOS operating system is as intuitive as The Buddha.

I purchased my iPad Tablet 3G in the lead up to Christmas, 2010, as a gadget reward for having worked so hard throughout the year in the IT field. But man was I wrong! This mobile electronic device is definitely no gadget. It's a blimmin' masterpiece of electronic engineering.

3G versus WiFi

First, the 3G networking means you can connect the iPad to any major cell phone network for communications and data transfer. That's a huge plus on having just a wireless WiFi version of the new iPad. Sure, you can get wifi connection at a McDonald's restaurant or a Starbucks coffee shop but what if you want to use your iPad in Central Park, New York City, out in frozen Alaska or on the warm golden sands of Long Beach, California? The 3G connection would supply you data just as it does for a normal cell phone or a smartphone.

10 hour Battery Life

If battery life then becomes your concern with extended portability of the very mobile iPad, then this reviewer can evaporate your deepest fears. My own tests of battery life showed a reliable 10 hours of light to moderate usage. Other reviews at, for example, have reported that 12 hours can be obtained from these lithium ion batteries. That should come as welcome news. You can indeed now take your picnic in Central Park, NYC.

The Large iPad Tablet Screen

The touch screen is sensitive and its larger size is a distinct advantage over the Apple iPhone 4. No longer will users need to squint and take several attempts to click a tiniest of tiny text links on a mobile web page. High resolution display means you've got a quality view of photos and videos, games and electronic books. It is an eye resting experience rather than an eye-straining user experience.

Talking of the iPad Tablet's video performance, it's full HD or high definition as in modern television with LCD color qualities. You can record video and upload your home grown movies to and to Facebook with surprisingly little effort.

Specialized Apps for iPad

Just a final word about Apple iTunes App Store for the new iPad Tablet 3G. The 'apps' - meaning software programs, are now specialized for the iPad device so as to fit the larger pixel dimensions of the viewing screen. Functions are broader than what can be done merely using a mobile cell phone. The iPad is something else. It's a big evolutionary step towards touch screen convergence and integration and this reviewer, an IT professional and entrepreneur decisively awards 5 stars for one truly outstanding mobile product, the brilliant new iPad Tablet from Apple Computer Corporation.

Geoff Dodd has had extensive IT Internet experience since 1996 and is a webmaster, now operating 45+ web sites worldwide. Geoff is increasingly fascinated by mobile web sites and how to create them. You too?

To find out more about the new iPad Tablet 3G 64GB device, visit Geoff and receive a Mini Course as an extra, unexpected reward. Further inquiries are welcomed at Home Business Ideas based in Australia.

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