USD 100 Tablet PC

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A non-profit entity, making, who has tried to produce $ 100 laptop in places poorest in the world, has entered the tablet PC industry.

The following team of One Laptop Per Child would be based on the design of Marvell Moby group. The prototype comes from 99 USD.

Tablet PC PC for health care institutions

Nicholas, founder of One Laptop per Child, firmly believes that his institution would be able to keep the price under $100 as Marvel plans to commercialize the s of Tablet PCfor health institutions and schools.

The peculiar white and green XO laptop sold by OLPC (One Laptop per Child) for organizations and Governments of Uruguay and Afghanistan was unwanted to wide audience.

OLPC repeatedly had to climb their expectations for the number of laptops could manufacture and barely got the price below $199, approximately two times as specified by the $99 laptop nickname.

Mass production

In 2005, Negroponte envisages the construction of laptops from 100 million in the next two years. 2 Million machines are currently in use.

In comparison with a Tablet PC, the XO was more expensive, due to its many features and moving parts, meant to withstand the glaring sun, irregular access and blow the sand to electricity. In some cases, OLPC had to make design specific XO of the region.

Also, the physical keyboard should customize to students from Nations not used to Latin alphabets. Modification of software beyond the touchscreen keyboards proved to be less expensive.

Revolutionary design of Chip

Marvell co-founder stated that the company has found ways to reduce costs in the way that is designing chips. The new s Tabletnot only contain at least two connections from Wi-Fi cameras video, but also multi touch screens and enough power for 3D videos and high definition videos. The device also works with peripheral accessories such as mice.

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