Apple iPad Tablet finally released!

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The Apple iPad Tablet is finally here!

The much anticipated and very sought after Apple iPad Tablet is finally here! That is the good news. The bad news is, if not requested one, it is likely that you will have to wait awhile (at least not this long weekend).

Since January have been rolling the jokes and there are zillions out there, and they were fun (for a day or two). The max -iPad, etc. If you managed to get one today will be the envy and the joke around the world. Luckily for you, you not 10 years old and know the meaning of "Sticks and stones". Don't worry, while you are drinking your coffee from Starbucks and surf on your new iPad, they may hear snickers but deep inside we know they are envious and you must be stoked about his new toy.

Do for months around the world has been waiting for to get their hands little geeky one but Apple made its usual thing? Apple under estimates the demand? We have seen that with almost all products that have been made so far. Unfortunately, although this could be a disastrous event for some companies, for Apple only want us more and we are willing to pay for it too! If I went to McDonalds and said "he did that his Big Mac pre-order"? Is not it? Sorry, you'll have to wait until May. "then everyone would leave and MDC probably go bankrupt shortly after." This giant though... There is a reason why Apple did not do more.... Yes $15,000,000,000 $ 15 million last year. These "out of the box" thinkers have created some of the most amazing products out there that have changed the industry several times over. The iPod changed the mp3 player industry. The iPhone changed the mobile industry. The iPad will change the tablet PC industry? Probably.

What are your options? If you still not requested, it has many. You can run through your Apple store and see if they have any left (I doubt, but go ahead and wait in that huge poster only to enter the store), can call ahead and see if you save one for you, and then the head in (sorry Mr and Mrs, first come first serve), or can be extracted from eBay. There are a number of them on eBay already however is going to pay a premium for one there. Last time I checked, there is now a 64 gb on offer of $1000 ($301 in the price).

If you do not get one today, don't worry... Apple said was sent to another huge batch of them shortly and will be able to grab one then. I would recommend orders one for what you can't miss.

Note, however, the $499-$ 829 price tag is not where end costs. If you want any type of internet connection will need to obtain a plan of No-contrato of AT & T. can obtain a plan of 250 mb/month for $14.99 or an unlimited plan for $29.99. If any time away from your home and not near WI-Fi access points free, not sure of 250 mb/month will do. I know that for me and my iPhone, I can easily push 1 gb with YouTube, games and applications emails that I receive.

So if you're one of the lucky ones to get an iPad today, (I hate) congratulations! You have a cup of coffee while reading a book or surf the web of his new toy and know that they are the envy of all. They absorb and enjoy while hard... 6 months from now everyone and their children 5 years of age will have one and you'll hit being an average Joe again.

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