Tablet PC: why is the Galaxy Tab the new competition to win

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Samsung Galaxy Tab is the talk of the techie world. The statistics on this device will be I was fainting with envy. If they have not been living under a rock you see commercials and not to mention the ads of this amazing device. It has literally opened in the eyes of all the fact that it could be the main competitor iPad. The differences between the two may be mild, but it also depends on you ask.

The tab has the edge on the iPad in several areas. For example, the most talked about about feature is the size. It is a 7-inch Android tablet a lot like their phones Galaxy S that makes easier to carry in one hand without fear of falling or who need support on hand for greater protection. In addition, you can be in a bag or a traveler mens or Messenger bag. It is only a pleasant addition to the family of Tablet PC team.

Here are some additional specifications for the Galaxy Tab a winner:

Emotion in having a choice in Tablet PC

Some enthusiasts become so excited Tablet PC that describe the specifications of the file of the Galaxy because of its 1 GHz processor, screen resolution of 1024 x 600, which has been described as stunning, LCD Android 2.2 operating system, support for up to 32 GB of storage of information and most importantly, 3 WiFi connectivity. What a view to look at! All this in a single device. The visualization of the own is extremely bright and sharp colors. Some consumers have complained that the color is saturated, but you can adjust the color settings to compensate for it. Other features that aren't part of the package iPad is multitasking full unrestricted access to applications, support full flash and two cameras for video chat! The only thing missing is able to use the device as a cell phone.

Great appreciation for Design tab

Halved Tablet enthusiasts thanked for his design because Samsung was careful enough to distinguish its product from the rest. For example, it has contrasting surfaces front and later. The back is rounded and covered with bright white plastic and striker does not have the familiar black bezel and a screen of Corning Glass staircase Gorilla, which makes question its durability a brainer (some consumers have indicated that the screen doesn't seem to be as bright as the iPad). Fitted with a device consideration Samsung to call its own through its service plan offers four main suppliers cell phones. Because of this, some consumers may note slight aesthetic differences based on their choice of service provider. The only problem reported on the design is that the plastic on the outside coating makes the galaxy tab slides around a bit so it is important to invest in a case or a stand.

Touch screen responsiveness

The sensitivity of touch screen is along the same line that the iPadis that it is extremely sensitive. There is no problem making selections with a light touch or be able to move a page length through gestures of the fingers lights. The four-way accelerometer adjusts quickly when active (as a motion sensor and participate automatically when the device is rotated or entitled) is very sensitive in the majority of applications, although it tends to decrease during Internet browsing. With the iPad, the device does not have a physical button to turn off the accelerometer, but can do so through the display settings menu.

The life of the battery in the galaxy tab is great in seven hours to see videos or film. A user was impressed by the four hours of constant, heavy use more 3 G Google Talk, navigation and YouTube which dropped the battery power to around 40 per cent without slowing down any of the action. If you like the casual reading, Samsung has licensed three different applications: PressDisplay news, Kobo for eBooks and Zinio for magazines. The tab has two speakers at the bottom that are significantly higher than the average smartphone. They are two stereo speakers with a connector for headphones to listen to music. It has audio buttons on the side of the device, so it can only tap the device to reduce or increase the volume.

If you're in the market for a PC tablet with all the bells and whistles, including chat video, multi-tasking and a faster processor, this can be a good choice for you. The Galaxy Tab has made a great debut due to its durability, portability and graphics and video are excellent and pleasant to the eye. If you liked this article, please visit my website at for more information on team new and next tablets.

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