Huawei S7 Android Tablet PC

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The Huawei S7 Tablet PC is a 7 inch tablet PC available to buy now. The device must send imminently and allow you to see the video in high definition and enjoy their music and images. It is different from an Apple iPad that will also allow to make voice calls and send SMS texts. Running the Android 2.1 operating system and therefore you can get apps to download from the Android Maketplace.

So what as? Thus, the Tablet PC screen Huawei S7 7 inches, is the resistant type, with a screen resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. It is an LED backlit LCD display with good build quality. The device weighs in around 500 g so highly portable.

Huawei S7 Tablet PC (informed) PC Hardware Specification

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon (speed of 768 MHz and RAM is 256 MB)
(Not built in) of storage space is expandable to 32 GB with a microSD - purchased separately card
Supports Exchange POP3 email &
2 Camera opposite of MP
battery life of 2-3 hours in continuous use
Bluetooth 2.1
3.5 mm headset jack
A single USB port
Ambient light sensor
Built-in microphone
Accelerometer - orient the screen mode in portrait or landscape mode
Kickstand to shore up the tablet PC
Wi-Fi - IEEE 802.11b/g/n, WEP, WPA and WPA2
SIM card slot
High definition 720 p playback capability - H.264 and MPEG4 (TBC)

Huawei S7 Tablet PC Software

The Huawei S7 runs Android 2.1 and looks set to be an additional UI on top of this layer for better use. Once shipped we will have more user feedback on how this works. As runs Android 2.1 you must also be access to Android Market, where it is quite easy to download lots of applications, including applications of music eBook readers, Facebook, etc..

The Huawei S7 is expected to send in August and is available for pre-order from Expansys for $360 in United States and £ 300 in the United Kingdom.

Ted Summs runs and writes for the website of which covers not only the Huawei S7 tablet but also Apple iPad, tablet PC and e-reseƱas and news reader. The site is dedicated to helping people choose and use an iPad or tablet PC best alternatives to meet your needs.

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