The rise and fall of the Tablet PC

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Less than half a decade ago, the promise of Tablet PC on the market was a sign of the future. Even the early models were impressive, despite their often underwhelming hardware specifications - the draw was just the Tablet form factor. Promises sophisticated handwriting recognition and only aggregated standardized biometric security measures the hype; So what happened to the tablet PC?

The answer is simple: the Smartphone has happened. Smart phones, real existed before for the tablet PC, but the rise of the tablet PC occurred in tandem with the increase in the generation of more user-friendly smartphone. The Tablet was then competing with devices which at first sight might seem that they sold to a different market, even when put side by side, proved similarities between the two. The tablet PC was designed to create a more 'organic' computing experience, with writing to hand and functions of touch at the forefront of offering new hardware. The new generation of smartphone was also built around the concept of a user experience more organic, including many of the same characteristics as the Tablet PCs (writing / 'touch' functionality on phones like the Treo and iPhone) while offering more intuitive interface than their predecessors and the maintenance of prices that made them an attractive alternative for the Tablet PC. Portable standard would still retain its share of market, and the need for high power in a portable format remained the same, but for the less powerful tablet PC, smartphone more slender, smaller than spell its demise.

Tablet PC There are still on your PC thanks to a small niche market, locked up by companies such as Asus and Toshiba, but they never saw the success that could have seen if it were not for the advancement of the technology of the telephone. The Tablet was simply too little, too late.

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