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The success of the Samsung Galaxy tab Android tablet made Samsung to launch another Android Tablet PC, Samsung Orion. It's an Android Tablet PC that also runs on the Android operating system developed by Google. The Android market allows you to easily download applications and customize according to your own unique needs. The Android market contains thousands of applications, but you can only download some applications at a time to the phone. In addition, it is highly unlikely that you will find all the useful applications for the needs of everyday life given that some of them have been developed by geeks who only want to show their technical prowess. The operating system has a processor dual - core.

This processor makes the phone much more powerful and capable of performing many more functions than its predecessor. For example, it has the ability to decode and encode full 1080p videos. It also has the largest 1 HDMI. 3A output that allows the users to the content of the draft of the large screens as televisions. It also has a touch screen display that it is seven inches wide. It is expected that it integrates with a Samsung 10. 1 inch Android device.

This Tablet PC faster processor speeds allow execute commands at speeds very fast and it will carry out its tasks in much less time. It also comes with 3 G and Wi-Fi connectivity. This ensures that you can always access the internet. You can also easily update their status on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace sites. Also are messaging services such as Google talk, IM and SMS that will allow you to chat and catch up with friends and colleagues.

The device also comes with Google maps, which essentially helps you to locate the location of various places. When using the services with other applications, such as GPS navigation services, this makes it easier to identify the exact location of the streets, towns and cities. This service can be especially useful if you are new to a place. It will save you a lot of problems in having to ask directions from total strangers. The other service in incorporated into the Tablet PC is the calendar. With the calendar included, you can easily track events and make sure that you do not miss important events.

The Tablet comes with two cameras. These are essentially help in the videoconference. As today's professionals have become increasingly occupied, it has become very difficult to carry out face-to-face meetings. A camera is located at the front of the Tablet while the other Chamber is located in the rear end. Thus it is therefore fairly easy for two people to video conference. From the rear camera is more powerful, also can be used to record videos and load, edit and share with friends or on sites like YouTube. The device powered by lithium-ion battery and it is imperative that you are charged according to the classification of correct food. To buy the device, do a search online and always make sure that it is a guarantee.

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