Guía de compra de Internet Tablet

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Internet tablets are a hot gadget these days. Internet tablets are handy little devices that give you Internet access in small form - smaller even than a netbook. Most tablets are slightly larger than a cell phone, and connect using a standard wireless connection. If you're not sure which model to go with, consult this handy guide to help you out when you go internet tablet shopping.

One of the biggest manufacturers of internet tablets is Nokia. While they are mainly known for their cell phones, they have made some excellent tablets as well. The N810 is one such device, and is only slightly larger than a cell phone. Its keyboard slides out, and operates on a Linux-based system. The browser on the N810 is excellent - you can access most web sites with very little limitations. You can also watch streaming video, and make Voice Over IP calls - making it a sort of mobile phone in its own right.

Asus, which has been making some excellent netbooks, is also in the internet tablet market. The two models available are the EEE T91 and the EEE T101H. The screen is rather small, but overall the devices are much larger than Nokia's tablet. You get a full keyboard, and the overall unit is just slightly smaller than a netbook. The neat thing about these tablets is that the screen swivels around that allow you to fold the screen on top of the keyboard, and un-fold it to use as a small laptop.

Another entrant is Sony, with the Walkman NWZ-X1000. This device is the smallest of the three mentioned, and is more of a video MP3 player with Internet support. There is no keyboard, but instead it uses a touch screen interface (similar to Apple's iPod Touch). Certainly this is a device to consider if either the Nokia or Asus models are too expensive.

There a lot of reviews available online for all of these models, and in general Nokia and Asus get the best marks. However, you might also consider a company like OQO - a device similar in size. In any case, Internet tablets are quickly gaining momentum and there are likely to be many more models available as small, portable Internet devices become more popular.

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