AOC Breeze 8 pulgadas Tablet PC Review

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I recently picked up the breeze AOC 8 " Tablet PC, a low cost affordable international AOC tablet solution." This is currently the only Tablet PC have to offer so far, with a resistive touch screen 8 inch that it runs on a Rockchip processor, I wanted to take a look and see how it handles.

First impression of the box is that you for a low-cost Tablet PC, is quite well together, feels solid and well made. The device offers a wide range of connectivity including OTG USB, USB 2.0, headphone and Micro SD card slot (expandable to 32 GB). Screen rotation works fine (g-sensor) and the device has great functionality immediately. Here are my ranking by the AOC breeze in every area of performance:

Operating system: 3/5The Tablet PC is a modified version of Android 2.1, which is not the latest OS but runs and runs smoothly on the 600 Mhz Rockchip processor. There are no major complaints here. Critical applications are preinstalled and market extras for is available. Web browser runs smoothly, Google maps, email, etc..

Connectivity: 4/5The AOC breeze is well connected with USB Desktop, Flash cards and host USB to add possible webcam, 3 G, etc.. Although the breeze has an internal storage of 4 GB, if it's a lot of high-resolution videos, photos or a large amount of music is recommended to purchase an additional micro SD card (up to 16 GB is profitable) to prevent it from running under the space.

Performance of screen: 3/5Display performance is what you can expect in the range in price from $200-300 Tablet PC - a resistive screen resolution of 600 × 800 to me does not give too many problems to navigate around. However, this is not a capacitive device, so you may have to press a little harder than iPad- type screens or use a pen to certain actions. In general satisfied with the performance and is not a stubborn Tablet PC OS.

Battery: 5/5 Very impressed with the battery life is 6 hours for video playback or up to 12 hours of audio! This exceeds other devices in its price range, where battery tends to be a problem.

General: 3.5/5 A great choice of low-cost Tablet PC ! For anyone in a bit of a budget when it comes to mobile computing, the AOC breeze is a much better option that buy a copy tablet from China (gasp) or other types of "e-reader" that are commonly found in the local k-mart. The connectivity of greater s price tabletlike the iPadand the screen size of 8 "far exceeds and lightweight design is ideal IMHO for itinerant mobility and ultimate."

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