5 Main disadvantages of Tablet PC laptops

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Are people talking only about the advantages that are available in portable Tablet PC so it means that there are no disadvantages? Does not not mean form. Tablet PC laptops also have drawbacks and here are few for you.

Although the touch screen has many advantages in it there are quite a few disadvantages too. Some people are really difficult to see the elements on the small screen of the Tablet PC laptop. The maximum size available in portable Tablet PC screen are 14.1 inches so it is really hard to read articles.
Second main disadvantage is that there can be no internal optical drive as these portable Tablet PC are designed to keep the lower weight. You can however connect it externally.
Handwriting recognition by hand is a blessing, but also has its other side. The portable Tablet PC can only understand writing by hand, but not others. Only a user can use a portable Tablet PC for lifetime.
More screen damage are possible because the entry is given a pen so you have to play often. Rate input also is slower compared to portable ordinary, i.e. from input from a keyboard and a mouse is much faster than a portable Tablet PC pen.
Price is the last point should be noted as Tablet PC laptops are inexpensive laptops ordinary.

Everything in this world has pros and cons, so decide to users according to their needs. If you compare advantages and disadvantages advantages win a premium hand, as it is more.

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