Chinese Android Tablet PC is affordable and performs well

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Tablet PCs, it seems like everyone's got one these days. Sit down for lunch at any Panera bread, or order a cup of coffee in a Starbucks, and you'll see people gazing into those magical glass screens, typing up Facebook updates, tweeting, enjoying YouTube videos and flinging angry wingless birds out of slingshots in an effort to eradicate the green pig menace. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the more-popular brands like Samsung and Motorola. However, many of those would-be tablet buyers overlook to niche market, one that offers quality, high-performance tablet PCs for just a few American bills: the Chinese Android tablet market.

Now, some of us here in the West have some misgivings about products made in China. Many have misconceptions that a Chinese-built product which is "cheap" must also be of poor quality. The trade off of price versus quality has been instilled in us from a young age with the old adage, "You get what you pay for." This adage has traditionally been reinforced by a retail industry which figured out early on that they can charge exorbitant prices for their products if they can convince the public that their product is the best quality or most popular thing out there.

But this is a critical difference between the American and Chinese markets, one which often gets lost in translation (if it is ever translated at all). The Chinese manufacturers are competing with international exporters for their citizens' hard-earned yuan as much as anyone else. To compete, they look to their own and internalize in ways that are remarkably efficient. For example, the Ainol company, makers of the Novo 7 series, sourced their exclusive XBurst CPUs and GPUs from another Chinese manufacturer, as they did the rest of their components. Since China already has the manufacturing infrastructure, they're able to keep their costs down to earn a serious competitive edge. Then, in a novel marketing tactic, they pass along the savings to their buyers. Imagine that.

Another critical difference between our markets and China's is the fact that, while most of our tech companies create products with international export in mind from day one, the Chinese companies are primarily serving their own. To stay afloat, Chinese tablet PC manufacturers had to innovate and create products that are both affordable AND minimalize contrast in quality and performance between US$ 100 which Chinese-built tablet and a US$ 250 imported Droid, for example. The homegrown tablet has to not only be cheap, but the videos need to be in skip-free 1080p, the batteries have to last, and Angry Birds has to play just as smooth on the homegrown devices as the foreign ones.

I'm not economics expert, but I think I've made a point. Yes, some unscrupulous companies exist which pass off "knock-off" imitations of popular tablets, primarily by shady Internet retailers who advertise them as "over-stock". However, there is a wide selection of legitimate Chinese-built Android tablet PCs out there that are competing just as hard as anyone else in the market. Many of these models can perform just as well, or even better than comparably-priced big-brand tablets.

As passenger on the cake, many of these Chinese Android tablets look pretty slick, too, so you won't draw any awkward stares when you pull it out on you next visit to the coffee shop.

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