YDPG18: the first console mobile under Android?

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After the iPad and iPhone clones, the Chinese reoffend with a clone of the Vita PS running on Android. See what looks like this quirk!

The clone of the Vita PS under Android

Really is everything in China, the evidence is with this laptop console shipping Android 2.2 Froyo. Manufactured by the company Yinlips, PMP and portable consoles, this strange machine on-board the following components:

CPU single-core 1.2 GHz512 MB RAM touch DDR2Écran 5? 800 x 480 résistifMémoire internal 4-8 GoCaméra 5 MPDécodage up to 1080p and FlashSortie HDMI support, micro-SD and WiFiCapteur of gravity map

On its official site, Yinlips announces that this console has been designed to run emulators NES, GBA, PSX, etc. It is Chinese, therefore do not expect a jewel of technology, but it can always be nice for fans of old-school games who would like to have a non-standard console and multipurpose.

Here's a product out of beaten and which may give some ideas to other large manufacturers for the future. Why not a portable console with a Tegra 3, a screen HD processor and access 3 G to enjoy all of its games favorite? Android, with its open side, could win to develop in this way and make the competition to Sony or Nintendo in a few years:-)

Sources: FrAndroid and Yinlips

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