HP change logo!

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HP has largely contributed to its own controversy lately. Between financial speed loss, fall of brand and market slump, the leaders of the famous brand of computers have finally voted for the era of the renewal of the company: place logo.

Moving Brands' simply modernized logo, emblem since several years of the brand both publicized currently. While the previous version had been subject to subtle touchups, here the designers are distributed zéro…ou almost.


Communication managers were poorly considered the impact of the judgment of the TouchPad has been on the company: on the point of view of the microcosm, the employees felt betrayed and across the world, investors and more widely all persons related closely or from Afar in the high-tech world elles witnessed a collapse of the image of the undertaking which until now was leading on the market of the informatique…et there are What when the rumor says that HP would leave the PC!

It was therefore necessary to work the image of HP and seen here that it is their intention. A kind of departure. Already the new CEO announced unable to straighten HP and make the company back to its levels of before the "crisis" before 2013. Would Apple pass before HP it in sales if it includes the iPad.


The chosen logo resumed therefore two initials of the founders of Hewlett and Packard, who themselves had been at the origin of this concept that will endure so long. With its metallic grey colour logo takes a blow of vital young for the brand. Future products that will bear will show the positioning of the company to the market.

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