Netbook, iPad and Tablet steal users

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The forecast made by the search screen: mini laptops in 2010 global sales will reach 44 million share units. These 5 million will be touch Tablet models.

The iPad still has people talking about it. Not because it was discovered, according to what wrote analysts iSuppli, that the mere cost of production of the basic version, is only $260 (including $95 only for touch screen). Sale in the United States to Apple for $499, after subtracting the development and cost of sales, the company Apple profit margin seems to be, once again, very interesting.

The most important thing that caught the attention of foreign experts related to the Apple iPad is another reason. The increasingly shared view is the new generation of tablet computers - PC slate as HP and smartbooks as luxury included Lenovo - will impact negatively on sales of netbooks in 2010. This was explicitly reported in a report that has just launched by search screen, which predicts that the request for tablet devices will record a real boom in the coming months, especially in North America and Western Europe. In these two markets, Apple has partnered with various publishers and content providers and is here that will focus its efforts in terms of level of distribution.

Take a look at the official data available on the web, the tablet / slate in late December sales must reach 5 million units, with accredited of approximately 39 million netbooks (5 million more than the price of market in 2009). The mini-PC segment as a whole will grow 28.5% in volume and will be approximately one fifth (43.80 million units) of total laptop sales scheduled for this year, amounting to only 215 million units. In terms of sales we are talking about a business worth more than 13 billion dollars.

In short, the message of which the experts want to give is as follows: the popularity among consumers of tablet devices and, in particular, the iPad, will be so high that they can steal space and netbook users although they remain attractive to your price lists.

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