It's official, the Tablet PC war in!

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Move over Apple - make room for a new player and new Tablet computers to rival the iPad.

Last week, RIM announced the new Blackberry Playbook, included a new operating system built for browsing the web, multimedia, and more.

After the breakthrough of e-readers and e-books, as reported in the critical journal, tablet PC is generating buzz than any other gadgets for 2010.

Like the iPad, Blackberry Playbook features a 7 display "and expected that the device is available in United States in early 2011." Orders will be taken for the holiday season. Because the Blackberry brand has a strong brand for the email functionality than any other company in the category, you must take seriously its foray into the tablet PC.

The guide is loaded with a dual core processor at 1 GHz and a new Tablet OS that supports symmetric multiprocessing true.It includes two HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing that can both record HD video at the same time and a HDMI output for the presentation of the creations on external displays port.

The operating system is fully POSIX compliant enabling easy portability of code based on C, supports Open GL for intensive applications of 2D and 3D gaming graphics and run applications built on Adobe AIR Mobile, as well as the new application platform Blackberry WebWorks announced today (allowing apps to be written to run the Blackberry Playbook tablets as well as smartphones with Blackberry 6 Blackberry).

Giants like Dell, Acer and ASUS have already announced a range of tablets fight for market share.

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