Entry of HTC Tablet wars - is worth?

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HTC phones have been winning many customers lately even though they are a bit expensive. Some even said that it may soon be able to compete with the Blackberry and the iPhone.

The company has had a strong sales in Europe and America. Now it plans to increase its sales in Asia as well.

I can not say that you already at the level of peak, but HTC company is to get there. In the latest 2011 MWS, the company launched at least three new phones and their own version of the Tablet with the hope to compete with the iPad and the Galaxy Tab.

Phones are released with features and great new specifications. However, the most notable of the new HTC product line is the TabletHTC; Steering wheel.

HTC Flyer looks spectacular with a plastic and aluminum body. He showed with a pen is not really a part of the product.

The big screen is used specifically for users who love multitasking. With larger screen, has more information to choose and classification.

Although this Tablet PC is the highly anticipated HTC lovers specifications not that competitive. It comes with 1 GB of memory, 1.5 GHZ single core processor, 32 GB of integrated memory and a micro SD slot. The life expectancy of the battery said it drained from full to empty to watch two full movies.

I have to admit that HTC seemed only made a Tablet for the sake of entering the wars of Tablet PC . Unfortunately, the HTC fans weren't too impressed with him. Let us hope that the company can come up with a second version better.

You can learn more about HTC Flyer by visiting the website of HTC themes

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