Concept to teach math students using Tablet computers considered

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It is my claim that all these new gadgets high-tech and tablet PC iPads are going to make a big difference in the way that we teach. I see an incredible opportunity for teachers of mathematics, since it is one of the most difficult to teach topics, and I guess that the best proof of this would be that many of our children are deficient in math at the time they graduate from high school. Not long ago, I was discussing this with a very nice lady who is a retired Colorado Springs teacher.

Always higher in math class she taught, and wants that the rest of American schools to do so. Is not going to be easy, especially with schools in districts with such high dropout rates, not to mention the barrier of the language which is difficult when the teaching of the English language, and writing. Needless to say, after discussing this with her I mentioned to our thinking that we should perhaps become a volunteer and help IARPA-ED, which is of the United States Government education advanced research project agency.

Well, last night I did some ideas, and looked at all the technologies that now that could be used in our schools. Specifically, for the use of mathematics, because I am very concerned with the percentage of high school to graduate to College not studying engineering, math or science. With the world of fast-paced living and our dream of winning the future in our technological age and information, if we do not get more students on these issues and graduating with degrees, we cannot run our advanced society and civilization.

Many secondary schools in the country are Tablet PCs and iPads giving students. These devices are the textbooks they need, so you don't have to carry all your books a little tablet. Microsoft is also working on a new tablet is very interactive and Google is working on some software called "Doodle" that allows students to take notes. In fact, the competition for this technology goes right along.

Even so, I think that not we are teaching them mathematics correctly. We are doing that too difficult and challenging and intimidating, children with too many mathematical symbols. We need to simplify this because the human mind thinks not so automatically. What we have to do is to make it easy for students who are looking at the symbols to find out what they mean. I think that we can do with a tablet PC.

As the student moves his hand on the symbols and characters are told what they represent. You know how when you are surfing the Internet and move the cursor over something, a small pop-up window on the side displays more information about that item? It would only be that way and tablet PC is perfect for this and would keep children working through the equation, and everytime the popup little reminded them the symbol of what it means, would be equal to another footprint in your brain what it means that symbol through rote memorization.

I think that it will work and just ask him to please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a former founder of a chain of franchises nationwide and now runs online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes write 23,500 items at noon on June 23, 2011 is going to be difficult because now all the letters on your keyboard...

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