Thriving market covers smartphones tablets according to new survey

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About 65% of the tributaries have access to one or more smart phones or Tablet PCs and another 34% have regular access to a computer according to a new poll of spring 2011 10% more rich us households. Only 1% of the rich do not have internet access.

On average, 61 per cent of the tributaries have a Smartphone and 22% have a Tablet PC. With a population of approximately 22 million persons in the homes of 11.4 million of the tributaries, there is a potential market untapped for some 8 million smart phones (39% of the tributaries) and 17 million Tablets (78%).

The incidence of the property of a Smartphone and the type of phone, can vary considerably in age, income and net worth groups. For example, 84% of the age group at 50 owning a Smartphone, compared to only 38% of the age 60 ++ group. Those with income of $200 ++ are almost twice as likely to own a Smartphone (73% versus 40%) as those with less income from $200 K, and have a slight preference for the Blackberry, while the lowest income group favors the iPhone.

There are minimal differences by gender for the preferences of brand and property of smart phones and Tablet PCs. property of s of Tablet PCand Tablet PCs and increases as a decrease in the age and smart phones such as income and assets increase. The iPad is favoured by a margin of 4 or 5 to one on other Tablet PCs.

According to a new survey of spring of the prosperous market, combat 18 per cent of the tributaries have a Smartphone and Tablet PC. Property of both is higher between 50 (32%), those with incomes of $250 ++ (25%) and those with a net worth of $6 ++ (37%).

Half (50%) of the tributaries with a mobile device or equipment to participate in one or more of the types of social media. On average, they participate in approximately 1.5 types of social media listed. Participation in social media declines as age and value net increase. Men are somewhat less than women because they are much less likely to participate in Facebook (33% versus 49%). LinkedIn is more popular among those aged 50 to 59 and those with an income of $200 ++.

As it might be expected, the owners of both types of devices are likely (70%) to participate in some form of social media. Types of social media participate in 1.8 in average. Those with access to only one team are less likely (69%) to participate in some form of social media.

The American affluence Research Center, headed by AARC President Ron Kurtz, provides mailing lists of rich consumers to prominent companies targeting the market thriving, commonly referred as the luxury marketand marketing research. AARC is a private and independent research organization dedicated to providing marketing information reliable about the values, lifestyles, attitudes, investments and purchases of behavior of the segments more rich of the American population through custom surveys and we notice.

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