Panasonic Tablet PC - built to go the distance

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Panasonic Tablet PCs offer a range of functions that focused on specific users, all them part of the Toughbooks range of brand. As its name suggests, the teams are designed to survive rough treatment by people requiring mobile broadband because they often work in the field.

All Toughbooks models centered by providing clear display in light and protect the most vulnerable components of a mobile computer, i.e., hard disk, keyboard and display panel. All units in the range can go the distance when it comes to blows, kicks and falls. Units fall into three groups; business rugged, durable medical group and the group all resistant.

Take for example the range of business robust. Includes two models, the CF-C1 and CF-51. CF-C1 appears as the lightest 12.1-inch convertible tablet PC available on the planet. Weighing 1,470 grams (approximately 3.2 pounds) including battery pack. Despite its lightness, the unit is not wimp. It is designed to withstand liquid spills on the keyboard, high fall falls on a hard floor and even a heavy company stepping all over it.

Spills of unintentional drink in a robust Toughbooks business model will not hurt the beasts. The units have a proprietary drainage system to protect the keyboard, touchpad and other sensitive components from spills and accidental splashes. Container 170 ml of liquid spilled in the sewers of keyboard outside the channels, leaving the unit dry and safe and sound. All electronics in the notebook remain functional.

Drops and falls are a high probability event for mobile teams. When used in the field, often accidentally get fallen or falling from your sleeping area. Sailors, for example, I work in the Bureau of navigation of their pitching and rolling yacht know the agony to see their slide show of laptop in the table and the crash to the floor. The hard disk drive is highly vulnerable to the shock of a fall. Business robust Toughbooks can survive, 76 cm hard falls without damage; in particular, the hard disk is safe and functioning.

Business robust Toughbooks are closed by a magnesium case robust is unwavering. The case is equipped with four shock absorbent pads made from an advanced material. Designed to distribute pressure optimally. This means that the units can withstand pressure of up to 100kgs. The sensitive LCD screen and hard drive are safe for cracks or other damage. The hard drive also prevented from external shocks or severe vibrations.

The Toughbooks come with Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit operating system, memory on hard drive of 250 GB and 2 GB expandable memory up to 4 GB (DDR3 SDRAM (4 GB maximum).) (CPU) central processing unit is an Intel Core i5-520 M vPro processor (2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.93 GHz).

The important thing is that, within the range of Panasonic Tablet PCs, CF-C1 consumes energy minimum, an important consideration for users who travel to places not connected to the main electricity grid. The unit consume only 0.7 watts of power when the battery is exhausted. If the AC adapter is connected to the PC, draw maximum power in the electricity supply is only 0.3 watt.

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