Supplement forms - tablets, capsules and liquid

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In fact, the best way of consuming vitamins and minerals is through eating healthy and natural foods. But the problem with natural foods is that you have to buy, Cook and prepare them. This can take a long time. Why people take supplements. They simply do not have the time. Supplements give you comfort in the form of Tablets, capsules and liquid.

The number one of the supplements benefit is that your body can absorb its nutrients very easily and quickly. Bioavailability is the term used to describe this feature.

Tablet s

Supplement in Tablet form is the most common found. The question is, how much vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream of the Tablet? To do so, the Tablet has to survive to his stomach, then the intestine (in which nutrients are absorbed here). It is not much. Only 3 to 10 percent of vitamins in the pill get absorbed into your bloodstream. This means Tablets have the slowest rate in bioavailability.


The difference is capsules are coated with a substance that makes them easier to swallow. For example, Tablets exposed completely while capsules are covered by a protective layer. As a result, it is much easier to swallow a capsule compared to a Tablet PC.

There is also another type of capsule called the capsule in the form of gel. You can digest more rapidly than powder capsules. Capsules have a better bioavailability of Tablets but less liquid.


Liquids do not have to be broken down. Therefore, they get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Another advantage is that they are much easier to swallow. Compared to all forms of supplements 3, liquid supplement has the fastest rate of bioavailability.

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