Looking for fish oil pills? Here is a list of verification

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If you're like me, it is probably aware of the incredible health benefits of fish oil provide us. You can have tried few fish oil Tablets that did not provide the benefits expected. Even literally left a bad taste in the mouth. This is a common problem that many people are not aware of how to assess one of Tablet PCfish oil. Here is a checklist to facilitate this process for you.

Do look at the origin of the oil - that fish are being used?

This is the most important point when it comes to the effectiveness of fish oil Tablets. Not all fish oils are the same. The amount and the type of fats Omega 3 which contain differs from a species to another. It is necessary to find a fish that is naturally rich in DHA Omega 3. Of New Zealand hoki fish are an example of this.

Is it fresh?

Some fish oils leave a stale aftertaste in the mouth. This usually means that the oil used in the Tablet was not fresh. That is why it is important that the source of the fish and the installation of processing occurs where the Tablet , are nearby. This ensures that the fish still fresh when their oil is extracted and put into the Tablet PCs.

Do you have more DHA than EPA?

This is important, because most of the benefits of this oil are due to the DHA in it. In addition, our body can easily convert DHA EPA if necessary. But you can not convert EPA DHA. We have to depend on an external source as fish oil Tablets only for our DHA.

Has it successfully refined oil?

The best method to refine fish oil is Molecular distillation. This is a complex process which removes the oil almost all impurities such as lead and mercury. However, this process is too expensive, and many companies do not use it for this reason. They refine their oil by simpler and cheaper methods are not as effective as the molecular distillation.

How is oil packaged?

It is a soft gel, or have an enteric coating around it? Normally, an enteric-coated is preferred for supplements to ensure that nutrients are released into the intestine and not in the stomach.

However, this is not required in fish oil Tablets. fish oil can be released easily in the stomach without any damage or loss of efficiency. In fact, some companies use an enteric coating to conceal the fact of its oil is not fresh and they even mask its smell using fragrances.

Now that you are aware of these facts, do some research on fish oil Tablets and figure out a pure and rich in DHA fish oil.

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