Speed A7 Tablet review

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If there is one thing that sets speed A7 tablet PC apart from the crowd, it is the combination of its capacitive touch screen, its impressive graphics and its size. The simple fact that fit in your bag or Pocket without constantly carrying around a large piece of equipment makes you feel more mobile. Speed capture this attitude with its new A7 version. It offers all the functionality of s largest Tablet PCand a small package. Of course there are some compensation here, including the reduction in the memory 512 MB DDR2 RAM, but that just always complain you are not there to do heavy computing and games hard core in a small smartphone. It is used for small activities, fast need or want to perform while underway.

It recognizes Flash, which is a great advantage when navigating through Web sites. With the A7 speed, you can surf the internet regularly as if they were sailing on a normal computer. If you feel inclined to play in its tablet PC, speed offeres an accelerometer of Forefront for an improved 3D games experience. This brings us to our next point which is downloading apps. You can stay connected with your friends through the transparent integration of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter on your Tablet PC. For business-oriented users can get the functionality of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations on the fly. Amazon apps are also available for download.

Easy Web browsing is the core of the A7 speed experience. The Android browser is much faster than Safari and will show more content of every Web site you visit simply because it is compatible with flash. This means simply easier navigation for you. 802 11B / g wireless capability allows the internet connection to be ultra fast. It will also be able to store thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of your Tablet PC . It is still big enough to have a virtual keyboard in there. You can read books, magazines, download and see tons of media and do Office work while you travel, all of which are possible for the 4 GB high speed internal Flash memory that things incredibly speeds up. If you are looking for a fast team flames that you can put in your pocket, can go with A7 speed. You'll love all the way around!

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