Omega 3 tablets - how to know when you've found the best Omega 3 pills

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Not sure how to know when you've found the best omega3 tablets?  This article discusses the key elements you should look for in omega3 fish oil supplements so you can be sure you've found a quality brand.

The first thing that will tell you if you've found quality omega3 tablets is the amount of DHA, EPA, and total omega-3 fatty acids in each capsule.

You want to look for a supplement that contains at least 50% total omega-3 fatty acids.  Of that 50%, at least half of that should be DHA and 20% should be EPA.

Obviously, you want as many omega3s in a supplement as possible.  But what's even more important is having high levels of DHA and EPA, simply because these are the types of omega3s that are most beneficial and readily available for the body.

If you can't tell how much of each is in one, then don't even bother getting it.

The next thing that'll tell you that you've found quality omega3 tablets is whether they are purified and molecularly distilled.  If they are, then you've probably got a winner.

Purification and molecular distillation is done to remove harmful contaminants like mercury, PCBs, dioxins, cadmium, lead, and other heavy metals.  When you're consuming a fish oil supplement on a daily basis, it's certainly in your best interest to make sure they are as pure as possible.

You also want to make sure that the omega3 tablets you get are as fresh as possible too.  If a company doesn't use the right kind of handling techniques or practice proper product management, fish can easily spoil and go rancid.

Taking daily omega3 tablets that contain oxidized and rancid fish is not god at all.  Not only will it increase your free radical load, it will also cause unpleasant burping and repeating that smells and tastes awful.

I have confidence that you can find omega3 tablets that meet these criteria.  I know I did, and that was the last fish oil supplement I ever had to try.

You can learn all about the brand of Omega 3 tablets I personally take and recommend and get some more valuable tips for finding a quality omega-3 fish oil supplement by visiting my website listed below.

Jason Kaczynski is a researcher and advocate of omega-3 fish oil supplements. After discovering all of the many health benefits that omega-3 fatty acids provide for human health, have writes to spread the word about them and give people helpful tips on how to find high-quality and affordable fish oil supplements. Visit his site to learn more about his findings at--->

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