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The Tablet has been able to correctly take over the world of team stormed to fill the gap between the Smartphone and the laptop. There are many people who would like the processing power of your laptop that can sue to watch videos on YouTube, surfing the internet, watching your favorite movies, as well as being a device that is much more portable than its portable standard. While it is possible to acquire some Smartphone which are capable of doing many of these functions, the reality is that the screen size and processing power lack them to do so effectively. This is where the tablet PC comes into play, which has been able to exploit this gap in the computer market. The real question is whether or not it is the PC table capable of satisfying the needs of the team. There are a number of things that you should think before investing your money in anything.

The device has the necessary processing power?

The tablet PC is usually lower than the traditional laptop. Because they are significantly smaller, they also come with processors that are especially designed to live within them, such as the kinds found in netbooks. The Intel Atom processor is the most popular processor found in the tablet PC, along with the A5, which lies in the device iPad . This particular component is designed to draw only small amounts of energy, at the time that allow the end-user to carry out specific tasks, as chat, browse and send an e-mail. These particular processors are not really designed for multi-tasking on a grand scale, or any intense work in video. However, there are one or two slate tablet PC that they have powerful processors, but they are usually larger than the average.


This is undoubtedly the most important second which must ask himself before parting with any of its cash. Being highly portable and small size, are on average quite expensive to buy. It is possible to purchase tablet PCs with 7-inch screens for no more than $400, but they are not suitable for watching movies or doing other activities of entertainment on them. Devices that come with larger screens, within the range of 8 to 10 inches, tend to be much more money, even more than his netbook. So unless you think that it is essential to have an elegant device designed with capabilities of touchscreen, which may be best for you to invest your money in a netbook. The most popular of such devices as the iPad cost more than $400 and her including any additional components.

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