What are Campden tablets?

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Winemakers House will often come across an ingredient or additive called "Campden Tablets." what exactly, and when you should use them?

Originally developed in Campden, England, in a laboratory that performs food safety research, Campden Tablets are used for accurate measurement of preservative sodium metabisulfite. They have been used for decades in the domestic processing activities to prevent oxidation of the wine and inhibit bacterial growth. Thus, you can use to make a sanitizing solution for winemaking equipment.

Each Tablet contains precisely 0.44 grams of sodium metabisulfite. Due to this precision, a winemaker House can close accurately determine the exact amount of sulfite, adding to its wines or juices that are intended to become wine. Generally, a Tablet is used per gallon of wine when sulfite is called. One Tablet per gallon will provide about 50 parts per million of sulfur dioxide.

However, this form of Tablet of sulfite is not without its disadvantages:

1. To be useful, the needs of Tablet PC to be finely crushed before to make it can be added to the wine. Without crushing, sodium metabisulfite not dissolve very well and therefore does not add much protection. It must also be dissolved in a small amount of hot water that is added to the wine or juice.

2 Campden Tablets contain metabisulfite of sodium which can be a problem for those who are on a sodium restricted diet.

In house wine, this form of Tablet of sulfite is best used when making small batches of wine in sizes from one to three gallons. Apart from that, the dust of potassium metabisulfite is preferred. Although only you can get the precision when using sensitive scales, dust in sizes from 1/4 teaspoon of measurement is close enough to get the results that are expected. Thus, it is much easier that with Campden s Tabletsanitizing solutions with potassium metabisulfite.

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