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Internet Rumor has that the new Google tablet will give the iPad a run for its money. Some facts are known so far and are summarized below that I could find. If you count the pioneers, obtaining a Google Tablet PC should not be a brainier for you. At the end it was designed by Google, the most successful internet-based business ever. And if you already have an iPad , you could always give it as a Christmas gift to a friend or loved.

Operating system and browser: Android and Chrome, would not be surprising. Do not use anything and are quite and fast, you have to admit.

Manufacturer: HTC, specialize in portable devices and mobile phones, which is an ideal background and experience to produce a tablet PC.

Internet service provider: Verizon, they had some disputes with them in the past, but seems to be for now. It seems that the previous willingness to work together in the future statements finally arrives real.

Release date: Black Friday 2010, what could be better, they are people in the spending mood and offering a new device on this day makes sense.

Hardware: touch screen and 2 GB of RAM, Wifi, 3 G and bluetooth capabilities including ah and a webcam also!

Apple iPad sold almost 10 million times since its launch, will be difficult for Google to update on that one. But the Google Tablet is compatible with flash, which will actually be a competitive advantage! It doesn't matter if you are a fan of hardcore iPad or not, have a little more competition in the market may improve things only for customers, not to mention to lower prices. It is now just a matter of left. What will be the next big thing that Google does? Google TV perhaps?

Google is an extraordinary company. Google phones are great and I am sure that Google Tablet will thus be notable. Any portable tablet that decides to get, sure that protect your investment with laptop bags made especially for it! Do not you get scratched?. And here is to the technology and is surprising advancement over the years! Best regards!

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