First Lenovo Tablet PC - Lenovo ThinkPad X 201 Tablet

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Lenovo ThinkPad X 201 Tablet is truly an incredible piece of technology from Lenovo. For only $1499, we managed to get our hands on a new brand and put through our demanding tests. However, before that we share our surprising results with you, our readers, we inform some more on why it is so special this tablet PC and what has to offer. We are inspired by the Lenovo website when we say that the Lenovo ThinkPad X 201 Tablet is its next generation Tablet laptop. It has a very nice touch multi touch pad and more storage space than previous models. Intel processor technology also allows you to calculate faster and more reliable. New generations of batteries of Lenovo management keep the laptop Tablet PC on up to 8 hours and improve performance on the fly. This all sounds very attractive and it looks like this portable ultra portable is a very good choice. Let's see what our tests have to say.

We begin by take a look closer to Lenovo ThinkPad X 201 Tabletof mainframe processing (CPU), an Intel Core processor i5 520 UM working at a frequency of 1.06 GHz. well, at this point and just less than $1500, this does not sound as the next generation of portable Tablet PC . However, compensates for the lack of good with a 3 MB of L3 cache and a front side bus frequency (in short, FSB) 800 MHz. Although the CPU is not too powerful, is agile enough for a laptop of this size. Only don't expect too much of him.

Below, we take a look to the memory. Lenovo ThinkPad X 201 Tablet comes with 2 GB of random access memory of high-speed DDR3 (ultimately, RAM). The size is very attractive and the frequency of 1067 MHz memory works in which is even better. We agree that the memory must obtain a 10 of 10 points for performance and agility. Then we were impressed by 12.1 inches WXGA show benefiting from technologies of LED backlighting, and wide viewing angle. Lenovo ThinkPad X 201 Tableton your hard disk is large enough (250 GB), but the twists in only 5400 rotations per minute. In addition, Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 adapter wireless and mobile integrated broadband are great additions! We believe that this laptop Tablet PC to deliver what it promises, although not in its entirety. It is ideal for users not expect too much of their laptops.

We believe that the Lenovo ThinkPad X 201 Tablet laptop offers what it promises, although not in its entirety. With a powerful CPU and RAM of high speed but slow hard disk drive, is perfect for users who did not wait too long of their laptops.

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