Choose green tea pills and maximize the benefits of health

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Green tea Tablets are convenient from many angles. Of course as you always have a price to pay for convenience. We will discuss the benefits of this great herb, convenient forms and also the disadvantage comes from convenience.

There are many drinks tea. Not all are taken in its literal sense in the meaning of tea. Only the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant is recognized as green tea and extracts made in green tea Tablets. others are false.

The leaves of the plant camellia sinensis have considerable amount of antioxidants. It is in the form of Bioflavonoid known as polyphenol catechin. There is a more refined version of this substance known as gallete Epigallocatechin (EGCG) which makes this popular tea.

Approximately 25% of the dry leaf has polyphenol catechin. Nearly half of this is EGCG. This information is very important that when the Tabletis selected. Why? When you see the statement on the label, you will only see the weight of the Tablet. If you buy 500 mg Tablet you will think are the 500 mg EGCG. This is not the case. To reach the correct EGCG, you must also consider the catechin or EGCG content. That is how the extract is standardized to certain percentage of catechin. When you buy 500 mg Tablet and if you see that the supplement is standardized to 90% catechin, only 450 mg is the catechin. Out of the approximately 200 to 250 mg is EGCG.

Many people can not like them aroma it. Also if you're reluctant to caffeine in the tea, the best option is the green tea Tablets. Now let's see the price we pay.

You should know that caffeine is strongly embedded in the floor. This is so because it is the natural defensive substance given to this plant from the attack of insects, etc.. When you delete a unit of caffeine, you will end up elimination of six units of good substance such as catechin etc.. Obviously you will have to pay a price for it.

In my opinion even extract in pill or Tabletform s cannot be totally free of caffeine. There will be traces. In any case, one can largely avoid caffeine in green tea Tablets.

While the caffeine is not good for the health, the very small amount in green tea should not bring any damage. There is a theory that only caffeine along with good substances in tea is responsible for weight loss program. I am unable to subscribe to this. Perhaps being a caffeine stimulant must maintain the alert of the person and facilitate work outside if the immune system is good. This way I'm sure should facilitate.

If aroma of tea are not appreciated and you want to avoid caffeine, the option is go green tea Tablets. However, there is another ideal option that will bring synergy to this EGCG combining same with other nutrition we need. I am regularly taking a supplement of natural nutrition with EGCG of camellia sinensis. Also the appropriate dose is packed reduce you to a caffeine greatly also. I maintain a good immune system and healthy living. You must visit my Web site and obtain interesting information about various natural herbs and which offer benefit.

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