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The Motorola Company unveiled its first tablet PC in January 2011. Called the "Xoom", the device was the first to use Android 3.0, or "Nest" Bee, as an operating system. Consumers who are considering acquiring Motorola tablet PC need to do your research about the model, including the available pricing plans, technical specifications and criticism from technology experts.

Like the iPad, Motorola Xoom debuted in black only. 1.6 Pounds, is considerably heavier than the iPad, but it also includes a screen of 10.1 inches, which is larger than the iPad' s. 1 Gigahercio, which provides enough space to run applications running on a dual-core processor. It also comes with 32 gigabytes of memory for file storage and multimedia downloading. Given that the device uses the Android operating system, comes with several highly classified Google pre-installed applications, including Google Maps, Google Talk, Gmail and YouTube.

The Xoom is compatible with Adobe Flash Player, allowing users to see more videos from internet. "Movie Studio" video editing software is pre-installed from novice filmmakers, while music lovers can download tunes using music player Android.

The device can also transmit audio, live video and radio on the internet. Eleven different musical formats are playable on your computer, including MP3, AAC and MIDI. Those who want to shoot their own videos can be used the five megapixel camera to take pictures or communicate through the Web of two megapixels.

Motorola has designed various accessories of Xoom to make the device easy to use and transport. Users who wish to use the Tablet PC rather than a desktop computer can see the wireless keyboard and foot dock. These accessories allow the people to rise up the Tablet vertically as a screen and a keyboard, similar to the traditional form of use using a desktop computer.

Users that are underway can use the car charger separated to recharge their batteries as they lead. Those who regularly see movies in public can make use of the accessory of Bluetooth stereo headphones. Business people who carry the Xoom work can be transported easily using the case of the portfolio, which is sold separately.

The battery life for the majority of Tablet PCs is somewhat limited and the Xoom is no exception. The installed battery offers up to 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing or up to ten hours of video playing before it will have a recharge. When used exclusively for music, the battery can last for three days.

In standby mode, the battery is designed to last up to 14 days. Motorola offers several suggestions to extend the life of the battery, including turning off the Wi-Fi feature when not use, closure of applications running in the background, and decreases the brightness of the screen.

Following its debut, the Motorola Xoom received several awards and recognitions of prominent organizations tech. He received the CNET "Best of CES" award in 2011 for "Best of Show". IGN called it the "best Tablet" CES and the magazine "Popular Mechanics" also named one of the top 19 gadgets at the 2011 CES show.

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