Why Apple still does the premium in the wars of Tablet PC hand?

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As we approach the second year of the Tablet in the consumer market, many manufacturers are launching its second version of the its Tablet PCs. In the sea of Tablets available, there are two OS (as the Guide powered by QNX was not yet) at the time that matters: iOS and Android. With the iPad and now the iPad 2, being the only Tablet running iOS. While Android has the Galaxy tab 7/10.1, streak 5/7, Xoom, G-Slate and so forth. There is enough similarities between the two types of Tablets. Both allow for near desktop web browsing, functions of email, personal media storage, YouTube, two cameras, games and tons of applications.

But reason number one in my humble opinion between the two types are the prices. This is where it seems that companies forget that Apple put the Ribbon of the products and prices. Now I am a far cry from the greater Apple fanboy but I respect their products. Do with iOS & Android Tablet PCs close to do the same, the price between the two should be around the same, right? Apparently not. 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad costs you $499 and the Wi-Fi + 3 G iPad costs $629 with 2 GB of data per month for $25 & no contracts involved. The Galaxy Tab varies in price but we will use T-Mobile for example. The tab will cost you special $249.99 with a new two-year contract and a contract-free card will cost you $499.99 offering 5 GB of data for $ 39.99 per month. While there is no tab only Wi-Fi still compare it but for the average consumer to see the two packages. Most will go with Apple because of not wanting to add another $40 to your cellular Bill. We need something more recent? Ok.

For Verizon Motorola XOOM runs the latest version of Android, 3.0 and has a touch screen of 10.1 inches, processor 1 GHz dual - core NVIDIA Tegra 2 and two cameras (2 MP & 5MP). With the arrival of the iPad 2 now offer similar features as its competitors, competitor of Apple Tabletis still overvalued. The XOOM has a price of $599 with new contract for two years and $799 free of contract. While the price for the iPad 2 data has yet to be announced, the monthly price, Verizon is offering for the XOOM is 10 GB, 1 GB of data for $20, 3 GB for $35 and 5 GB for $50 to $80. All real the XOOM has on the new iPad is that it will be upgradeable to 4 G LTE by sending yours in a few days add the capacity. 4 G capacity can severely drain battery 3 large G usual life wondering, "Yes, it was the speed and the money is worth?"

Next to the competitor of things, have yet to reach sales of Apple Tablet PC . They are squeezing almost everything except the kitchen sink on your Tablet PCs and not come to be overcome by the masses. As much is about the specifications and limitations, is also on the prices. If not sure of its carriers to blame or not but the Tablet PC manufacturers need another take a cue from Apple's price points. And to sum up, if you think that Apple Tablets are truly magical or not, I think that the millions of consumers, businesses, and schools that make up the iPad their lives is worth.

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