What is better for artists - a graphics tablet or Tablet Touch?

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Graphic tablets have been among us for some time and they're used by artists and architects mainly, as they offer pretty good accuracy compared to mice and a way larger area to work with, plus all the advantages of dedicated buttons and shortcuts/toolbars customizable to match the programs you use at a given time. But the downside is that you always have to look at the tablet when you want to do something and need to find the right tool in Photoshop, for example.

This keeps you from being too productive, just like people who type and need to look at the keyboard and then at the screen to check if they didn't misspelled something. Fortunately, things evolved eleven Touch tablet PCs and laptops hit the market and now artists and graphic designers have a better alternative to a graphic tablet. But let's see why is that and how can you better use touch input computer to do graphics.

First, touch tablet effectivelyeliminatesabsen the problem with looking away from the computer's screen to do something. You can now just click on the screen on the element you want to press to select. It's that simple. You draw directly on the screen and maybe the biggest advantage is that you can work while walking and standing up. You're no longer limited to a desk and that's great.

But to be honest there's one little thing that touch tablet have to accomplish good in order to match to dedicated graphic tablet and that's the pressure sensitivity, a must for a graphic designer who needs to draw, but technology is getting there and that's what matters most.

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