Pedagogy and Tablet PC - improve your teaching!

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There are many tools to help you teach effectively. You probably know more than they do. But here may not have thought of: a tablet PC.

Many teachers are already using laptop computers. Connect your laptop to a projector and use programs presentation as PowerPoint, to structure its conferences.

Here is how they can use a tablet PC to get even more interactive.

A tablet PC uses a pen to interact with the team. So really draws on the screen, as used to when using a whiteboard or chalkboard.

It is true that some schools have these electronic whiteboards, fantasy. Maybe, you're lucky, but probably not. Most of the schools cannot afford this type of technology. But most of the teachers if they budgeted could afford a tablet PC. Then they have the same functionality as the electronic whiteboards!

Here is another idea. While draw complete presentation, to keep students interested, wear a wireless headset and record your Conference.

You can use a screen capture program to burn all the circles and scribbling. You can then upload this video to a server and share with their students so that you can see at a later date if you wish to review or it could not make its original Conference.

With a little practice, it could really improve classes only linking the old and the new. A lot of students find boring presentations, try profs les Jazz using effects. But these usually only bother instead of help. But pay attention, and pointing out things giving laps and drawing with the pen, you can really improve classes.

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