Dell Streak 10 Pro iPad Tablet

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Dell has pleasantly announced the launch of the TabletDell Streak 10 Pro; is the first 10-inch Android Honeycomb 3.1 Tablet PC Dell to release the guarantee of "intelligent job." "Play hard". Dell has been observed to be engaged in offering not only products but healthy experiences that facilitate and authorize people to produce and thrive and do much more, everything what you like. Streak 10 Pro Tablets does the same thing: is expected for people who want to work and play all in one Tablet - so you can be connected at home, at work and on the go - and still rest assured that your personal and professional information remain safe, secure and separate from one another.

The Streak 10 Pro lets you work and play in the same device through an inventive application, they discriminate entitled "Dell divide," that are distributed exactly what its proposal of name: a seeming stability between your personal and professional information the decisive in the yin and the yang.

In the mode of work, you are free to access to the corporate network, applications, without worry that the it Department can see their family and personal photos of email. In personal mode, you can stay connected with friends and family; supply all relatives pictures and the compilation of complete music - without compromising the admission to any data of incoming work. And, obviously, the eventual appearance of "Consumer of it".

The Dell Streak 10 Pro is so elegant as functional. Only about an inch wide and full Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity supports a processor incredibly fast mobile phone dual-core nVidia Tegra 2, a slot for storage of information of extension and the upto16GB storage option, simplifying the collection of all documents in serious work that needs or photos, movies and more to take care of.

This dell Tablet PC is sufficiently vigorous for corporate applications range and uses up to 12 hours of battery life, can get away with you the sunup and anticipate past virtually all day. We are all aware and in agreement with the fact that the battery is a big thing. Tablet pc 10 inch Android 3.1 Honeycomb is producing his debut in China, and will be accessible on channels retailers authorized by Dell and across the country in a couple of weeks. Dell Streak 10 Pro price is quite low in exchange for what all offers.

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