Why optimize your Web site for tablets and Smartphones?

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The answer should be fairly obvious, however, most companies still do not have embarked towards the optimization of their websites for tablet and Smartphone use.

Look around and observe a trend that is happening everywhere! While it has the B2C sector will observe that smartphones are proliferating among consumers and are using this device to surf the web for information. Smart phones are expected to become the dominant of late 2011 or early 2012 phone device.

The same applies to the use of Tablet PCs in the B2B sector. At a recent Conference of Chambers of Commerce of Australia the use of Tablet PCs including iPads was the norm among the delegates! The current trend is for Tablet PCs to overcome sales of laptops and desktops in a couple of years.

Some of our readers may rightly seen in landscape mode Tablet PCs and smart phones can host websites designed for desktop computers. Yes, screen resolutions correspond to the desktop, however the screen size not! Content Web will appear much smaller and will be almost unreadable without zoom with your two fingers to enlarge the view.

Human fingers come in all sizes and a small screen does not achieve the same result as a keyboard. If you want real participation and interaction with your website it is crucial that their tablet and Smartphone design is easy to use and provides a pleasant web visitor experience.

That is why it is essential that administrators and business owners introduce web versions optimized for Tablet PCs and smart phones. Clicks of a mouse and keyboards we use on desktop. S of Tablet PCsand smart phones use "finger sweeps" and the touch screen keyboards.

Design friendly versions involves fully into account the use of the device. A friendly design of intelligent phone will require a simplified design and use the contents of text oriented from the site. While a friendly design of Tablet PC will allow a more graphically rich design. The key point is the Tablet and Smartphone designs are optimized for the use finger scans and touchscreen keyboards with a small touch screen.

We have a wave of Tablet PC and device users of smart phone that your business should consider and provide optimized versions of otherwise your web presence will miss in the achievement of their business objectives.

What you need to do now and not then?

Here is a short list to get your business moving:

Get web design services provider Tablet and Smartphone templates of friendly devices for use with your web content.
Make sure that the web application is able to automatically detect the device is used to visit the site.
Ensure that the web application will automatically use the eco-design of suitable device template to serve web content for your visitor to the web.

If your current website provider is unable to provide an integrated solution you can move to a service provider that can satisfy your requirements of today such as the Marketing of PMZ.

Patrick Zuluaga has over 20 years of experience in marketing and functions of development business with Australian and international companies. He is Director of PMZ Marketing, a consulting firm focused on small and medium-sized enterprises to help you succeed in business with better marketing results.

You can reach Patrick via electronic mail to patrick@pmzmarketing.com.au or visit the presence on the web at http://www.pmzmarketing.com.au

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