How do you see the Ideal Tablet PC Touch?

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That's a question many manufacturers ask themselves these days as consumers seemed very receptive to touch tablet concepts shown at CES 2010 in Las Vegas. There are a lot of uses a PC touch tablet can perform like browsing comfortable in your own home, sharing photos, articles and other social media related material with ease, entertain yourself with music and movies, check email, do some occasional work (but this is stretching it too far).

I believe that none of the manufacturers have reached a point where users can say "this is the perfect tablet" and it's understandable why, as tablet PCs have been around for just a few years and slate type tablet even younger. In this situation I thought to myself to make a list of things a PC touch tablet should have to be considered 'complete'.

A right sized screen: 9-10 inches minimum and not more than 12 inch
Low weight: ideal is 2 pounds but value under 3 pounds are ok
Snappy fully fledged OS: no mobile variants, the best now being Windows 7
Fast enough CPU for usual tasks: no Atom here, CULV models are ideal because of their performance per watt ratio
Lots of connector: if you're ever going to work on it you need to be able to connect a keyboard, external hard drive and maybe a monitor/LCD TV

I believe those are the main features a PC touch tablet should do well this year to qualify for the privileged title of "perfect tablet".

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