Discover The Shocking Truth Quality Differences in Fish Oil Tablets

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Fish oil tablets are being snapped up by consumers, whether it be the local pharmacy, CNG, or the health store in town.

But before you mindlessly go out and buy the first brand you get your hand's on, educate yourself.


Not all Fish Oil Pills are the Same!

Just like anything else in life, there are vast differences in quality with respect to fish oil tablets.

Most fish oil are made from cheap sources of fish. This is important because the two most important substances in fish oil are DHA and EPA, and not all species of fish have the same levels of DHA and EPA.

To make things worse, most fish oil tablets are made from oil that is moved long distances - and during the time of travel the oil can do bad and needs to be treated.

These kind of cheap products are probably what make up the vast majority of the fish oil products being sold in supermarkets and pharmacies. They are made not for quality but because they are inexpensive to produce.

Another issue to be aware of is that most fish sources are polluted because they come from Industrial waters. Unless your fish oil is purified, you will be consuming these toxins into your body!

Fish Oil Tablets and Fish Oil Pills

So, knowing what we know now, what should someone look for when purchasing fish oil tablets or fish oil pills?

The Best Fish Oil Tablets are...
What is referred to as Pharmaceutical Grade.

These are fish oil pills that are produced to the highest standards.

Also, make sure when you buy fish oil tablets, make absolutely sure it is a molecularly distilled product... this is the only process that is guaranteed to remove the impurities from the oil before it is encapsulated.

Don't take fish oils that will damage your health.

Featured Fish Oil tabletProduct s

After using many different fish oil products, we were very pleased to find a species of fish very high in EPA and DHA, the beneficial substances - also known as Omega 3 fatty acids.

We were even happier to learn that this fish also arguably comes from the cleanest source in the world - cold, deep Ocean waters from New Zealand. This is called the Hoki fish. The only other source that comes even close to it would be wild Alaskan Salmon.

So, if you're looking for an affordable, and excellent pharmaceutical grade fish oil product, you might want to look into oil products made from Hoki fish.

Dan Ho is chief editor of Nutritional-Supplement-Info. Visit us at fish oil tablets to get more tips and find out the fish oil pills we take personally.

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