Choose Tablet or iPad mounts for your home: three different styles

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There's no question, the iPad is fantastically portable. It's easy enough to toss in a bag or briefcase and carry it with you wherever you're going. And why shouldn't you? The amount of apps and other services available through a tablet help us out in many professional and personal ways while on the move and at work. This doesn't change the fact, however, that the iPad is equally useful at home. For many people, they're quickly becoming the replacements for PC consoles and other desktop computers, amongst many other uses. Because sometimes all you just want to do is sit back in your comfy chair, mellow out, and watch a movie on the iPad (especially handy if you don't have cable, such as myself, and easily achievable thanks to Netflix and a host of other program viewing apps). And if you're doing that, do you really feel like holding the tablet in the perfect viewing position for two hours? Yeah, didn't think so. Luckily, there's a variety of iPad holders on the market today that'll support your tablet while you're watching a movie, listening to music, and doing plenty of other things.

One of the most popular designs for residential usage is what's called a tabletop mount. Like the name says, these keep your iPad secure at a tabletop or countertop level. Within that design there are a few different models, with two of the more popular styles being an easel-style holder or an edge clamp holder. The easel style mount has a narrow base that can be set up directly on a tabletop or counter, keeping your tablet safe and secure while still giving you counter space. This style is a great way to display recipes while you're in the process of baking, or as a way to carry music with you throughout the house. The edge clamp holder is a little more permanent, needing to be secured around the edge of a table to stay steady. However, this style will allow you to raise or lower your display to find an ideal viewing position thanks to a flexible support pole. If you've got a dedicated home office that you'd like to incorporate a tablet into or prefer to watch your movies while sitting at a desk, then this is the style for you. Both styles are easy to set up and start using; pretty much all you have to do is insert the tablet into the holder and you're ready to go.

Okay, now, a show of hands - how many of us have reached for the tablet or the Smartphone while stuck in the back seat of a car during an interminably long ride stuck in bumper to bumper traffic to keep ourselves entertained? Or if you're in the front seat with the car in park because no one's moving, how many of us have reached for the GPS, searching desperately for an alternate route to get out of that mess? I can't be the only one, can I? These two situations easily illustrate another way we use iPads daily, and how the appropriate holders will make our lives that much easier. Tablet holders for cars are a great way to keep them secure and safe, especially driving over bumpy roads or in stop and start traffic. Amongst the myriad models, some of the styles that stand out are the windshield mount and the headrest mount. The different styles lend themselves to very different uses. The headrest mount, which mounts around the bars of a headrest, is a great way to play a movie for those in the back seat or to let kids play games on while on a long trip to a vacation destination. The windshield holder, as the name implies, uses suction cups to mount directly on the windshield. Now, since many tablets have apps and programs that provide map directions and act like a GPS, this would save you from having to go out and buy a separate piece of equipment. Simply start up your map program, get your directions set, mount your iPad in the holder, and you're ready to take off to parts unknown (program the tablet before driving, please - it's not safe to use while speeding down the road).

While this next type may seem like it should be utilized more in a store or at an event, it would actually make quite a convenient home viewing stand if you decide to use a tablet for those purposes. Floor standing holders for iPads are primarily designed to stay upright in busy crowds, however they're attractive enough that they blend in well with many different styles of home d├ęcor as well as more commercial designs. I'll admit, some of these stands probably are more suited to those professional arenas. Many holders out there are sleek and slender designs that feature angled mounts to give your tablet the best view possible, which would be perfect for watching your iPad while at home. Floor mounted holders oftentimes also allow you to raise or lower the height, helping you to get a good view of your screen. These styles also may possibly incorporate locks to securely fasten your tablet to the stand. The other models often don't include locks as they're designed to be used in less public places than the floor mount stands.

One of the reasons that tablets and iPads are so popular these days is because of everything they can do. They're not just for finding funny cat videos on YouTube or looking up recipes, they're so much more than that. And you'd not put your desktop PC in an inconvenient or precarious area, would you? Your tablet deserves to have the most useful display possible so that you can use it in the most effective ways possible, which is why an iPad mount for your residence is a worthwhile investment.

Elizabeth L. Iacono is an employee at George Patton Associates, Inc., in the marketing department. To view the products mentioned in this article, please visit Displays2Go

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